Terms & Conditions

Application requirements and fees for Passports, Visas, Document Legalisation & Police Clearances are not in the control of Universal Services and are subject to change without notice.  Changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in Embassy fees, processing procedures, application forms and documentation required for visa issue.

Completed passports, visas & documents are normally sent by tracked post or DHL on request.  Track number will be provided when posting passports or legalisation documents. Universal Services is not responsible for any loss or delays incurred to these delivery services.

Universal Services undertakes the processing of all applications upon receipt of the application and payment of the required fee.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that Saudi embassy consular officials and other agencies may request customer to provide additional documentation or may request revised documentation.

Processing time cannot be guaranteed and the processing time quotes cannot and should not be relied upon. 

Universal Services ensures at all times to keep confidential any information provided to Universal Services, including personal information.